Live, virtual hands-on 3hr course on Practical and Profitable Class IIs

We are delighted to announce our first 3 hour virtual, LIVE, hands-on Garrison, Ivoclar and Ivodent hosted course on Thursday 3 June at 2pm. We have limited kits, so first come first served!

A dynamic and information-packed session titled: Practical and Profitable Class IIs, it is presented by one of Dentistry Today’s Top 100 Clinicians in Dental Education Dr. James Braun.

The course is free when you purchase an anterior and posterior sectional Garrison matrix kit and Ivoclar restorative materials for R 5 500.00 incl. VAT* (normal price is R11 495 – saving R5 995!). Limited to 50 kits, you will get 3 CPD points.

When: Thursday 3 June 2021 14:00pm – 17:00pm SA time
Registration Closes: Friday, May 28 2021 to allow for shipment of course materials
This course is limited to x50 participants in South Africa, including x10 desk spots in a fully equipped Ivodent training room, to provide maximum instructional benefit and student/instructor interaction.
Secure your spot now by emailing Natalie on

Hands-On Course Details
During the first portion of the course, Dr. Braun will present case studies and relevant materials supporting his practical approach to Class IIs. Methods and materials for eliminating post op sensitivity will be reviewed as well as how to achieve optimal interproximal contacts and contour.

Then, it’s time to break out the typodont, latest composite, bonding agent and matrix system. Dr. Braun will take you step-by-step through a M.O. restoration. Particular attention will be placed on taking maximum advantage of the new and unique materials provided for this course. Then, he will work with you on a predictable technique for M.O./D.O. back-to-back restorations that will ensure timesaving and predictable results on these more challenging cases. If time allows, Dr. Braun will work with you on a simplified Class III technique.

All the materials provided with the course fee are yours to keep so that you can immediately implement your new skills!
It is strongly recommended that you participate in this course while you are at your practice. Access to a hand piece, curing light and other equipment is required. Please see the list of recommended materials below.
There are also x10 fully equipped desks in an Ivodent Training room in the Observatory head office, Cape Town, for those delegates who do not have access to instruments and equipment. These can be booked (first come first served) at no extra charge – please contact Natalie on to secure your seat.

Course Objectives
At the end of the course, the clinician will understand:
• How to differentiate between the various generations of adhesives
• Methods for avoiding microleakage
• Simplified composite shade selection
• How to achieve ideal interproximal contacts in the posterior and anterior

Three hours x3 CE Hands-on (Participation) credits will be provided upon successful completion of the course. This includes the live webinar lecture session, hands-on training, and a short course evaluation.

Course fee includes the following materials: (book before 28 May to allow for shipment of these)
• Upper arch typodont with four pre-prepped teeth
• Tetric N-Line composites (Ivoclar Vivadent)
• Tetric N-Bond Universal (Ivoclar Vivadent)
• Composi-Tight 3D Fusion sectional matrix kit (Garrison Dental Solutions)
• Fusion Anterior matrices and wedges (Garrison Dental Solutions)

Materials and equipment you will need access to, during the course:
• Slow speed latch handpiece
• Air/water syringe
• Curing light
• Loupes
• Cotton pliers or hemostat
• Composite instruments
• Micro-brushes
• Computer (with a webcam if you would like to share your work)

No required prerequisites.

Your Instructor: James M. Braun DDS, MS
Dr. Braun pursued the D.D.S. program at the University of Michigan and after graduation he earned a Master’s degree in Prosthodontics from the same institution. Upon returning to his hometown of Saginaw Michigan, he established a full-time private practice specializing in Prosthodontics, which has been in operation for over 30 years. Staff appointments have included the University of Michigan School of Dentistry and hospitals in Ann Arbor and Saginaw, Michigan.
For over 15 years, Dr. Braun has offered seminars at a great number of national and international meetings. Presentations have been made to over twenty A.D.A. affiliated state dental associations and have also included the A.D.A. Annual Session, Greater New York Meeting, the Chicago Mid-Winter Meeting, and the Thomas Hinman Meeting. Besides his lecture series, he has conducted numerous hands-on workshops, webinars and published a variety of articles on esthetic restorative dentistry for journals and magazines. Several major dental manufacturing companies utilize his professional skills on a consultant basis for the development of new products. Dr. Braun continues to be selected by “Dentistry Today” as one of the top clinicians in dental continuing education.
Support for this course generously provided by:

#GoodCompany coffee fix from IvodentOnline

Good Company Coffee Shop at Ivodent’s Cape Town office now roasts and sells fresh beans or ground coffee online!

The stylish and cosy Good Company Coffee Shop at our Ivodent head office in Observatory, Cape Town is a popular meeting spot for local residents and staff from nearby businesses in the buzzing, trendy area, and the perfect space for Team Ivodent to chill or connect. 

Almost as famous as the coffee is shop manager, chef and barista Prince Monga, who has carefully sourced delicious varietals from small family-owned producers from East Africa, SE Asia and Central America (from altitudes from 1400 to 2300m).  The beans currently on offer are from the northern region of Nicaragua

Pending availability, Prince may also offer, in select portions, varietals fromGuatemala, Indonesia (Sumatra) and Uganda.

The raw beans are all hand roasted to perfection on site by Monga, in a quality Toper roaster from Turkey, and served fresh!  You can purchase freshly roasted and packaged Nicaraguan beans or ground coffee from Prince in the shop and Ivodent clients with accounts can add a bag to their cart!

A bag of Ivodent’s #GoodCompany Coffee – freshly roasted beans or ground, fully washed, Arabica Nicaraguan at 750g is R150 and 345g is R80 (excl VAT). Click here and scroll down, select and add to your cart, it will be sent with your next Ivodent order. 

By consuming any of the coffees at Good Company you are not only enjoying coffee of the highest quality but you are also supporting projects focused on developing and enhancing the sustainable coffee market in these regions. You are part of the improvement of the quality of life for people like Don Amado Lanzas and his family on the El Arenal reserve in Nicaragua, who as a result of your support is able to invest in improvements to his farm and ultimately to the quality of his coffee.

Our commitment to Fair Tradeis to connect producers and consumers of high quality coffee, based on Fair Trade practise, embodying social, environmental, and economic values. Our goal is to foster long-term relationships in the entire value chain for the benefit and enjoyment of all.

The coffee is cultivated with good agricultural practices and under agroforestry systems that maintain the ideal microclimate for coffee and the fertility of soils through the cycle of nutrients that are generated in agroforestry production systems.  Throughout the process, from seed, to seedlings to the coffee bean, to your cup of coffee, the producers ensure top quality for your enjoyment.

Good Company Coffee Shop also serves hot breakfasts, simple lunches and sushi freshly made on site (or take-away and delivered).

If you are in Cape Town come visit us at 13 St Michaels Rd, Observatory open 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday (closed public holidays).  All COVID-19 protocols are enforced and no mask no entry.

For bookings or enquiries call Prince on 021 276 1793.

And don’t forget to place a review on Google.


IVOblog interviews Thys Viljoen, Ivodent’s technical specialist, about a recent, rather challenging, lab installation of a 200kg milling machine at Algoa Dental:

“In March Team Ivodent Technical, consisting of Herman Jordaan aka IvoMan, Werner Swanepoel (in picture), Andrew Hockly, Johan Coetzee and I, had the challenging task of installing an Ivoclar programill PM7 weighing in at a whopping 200kg, at Algoa Dental in Gqeberha…. or shall we just stick to PE!

This beast of a machine needed to be installed on the first floor of Algoa Dental. We did not have the luxury of a lift in the building and the staircase was too narrow for this monster. The Ivodent team and Ernst Linde, lab owner of Algoa Dental, had to make a plan and a large window was removed. We hoisted the machine up 4.5m with a forklift, and gently guided it through into the practice upstairs. The window was easily put back in.

Luckily IvoMan possesses the skills to operate a forklift (and nerves of steel!). Each Ivodent team member played a crucial role, knowing exactly what was required of them to seamlessly pull off our 4th SA PM7 installation!

Congratulations on your new machine Ernst and brilliant team at Algoa Dental. We hope you guys enjoy this magnificent milling unit!”

This just in to IVOblog from the PM7’s new owner Ernst Linde; “Gosh this is a bl**dy fancy thing! Still early days, but I am really looking forward to exploring its full potential and to combining 3D printing with milling.”  

Watch this space for more feedback from the team at Algoa Dental in a few months’ time.

In 2019 Ivoclar Digital introduced their range of digital milling and grinding units under the brand name of PrograMill, into South Africa. These cutting-edge machines, setting new standards in dental CAD/CAM technology, allow dental technicians and dentists to digitally produce dental restorations quickly and easily. Indications include inlays, onlays, veneers, partial crowns, crowns, bridges Hybrid bridge and digital complete dentures.

A powerful yet extremely simple systems solution, the PrograMill PM7 boasts high efficiencies and unparalleled qualities – precision and productivity, for your dental future.

Read more information click here or email if you would like her to contact you to assist with any queries.  Or call our office on 0860 456 123.

Dr Mark Bowes tells us why he guarantees e.max

IVOblog interviews Dr Mark Bowes, owner of Enamel Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry In Cape Town, and he tells us why he guarantees IPS e.max ZirCAD Prime:
“With ceramics the world was overwhelmed with its outstanding capability of e.max – but we needed materials for other criteria and circumstances. This is where IPS e.max ZirCAD Prime filled the huge hole.

Traditional Zirconia was beautifully strong but un-aesthetic. We always had to compromise.  With the level of R&D by Ivoclar they continue to improve and produce beautiful materials – proven super strong, which was needed for certain indications where we could not compromise for strength.

It’s 2021, we are seeing our patients being very aesthetically driven but without compromise. ZirCAD Prime provides the holy grail of dentistry – giving both strength AND aesthetics. Ivoclar’s level and commitment to R&D continues to blow me away.  Their unique gradient technology applied to this monolithic zirconia material means a seamless transition between the dentine and enamel – resulting in more natural looking teeth.

The new gradient procedure from more opaque to more translucent results in more natural looking teeth – this is unique and is what separates them from any competitive products.  Added to this is the huge range of shades available that covers all bases – we can now confidently produce natural looking teeth.

The incredible flexibility and versatility of all the options allows us to use this in so many different clinical situations. It is possible to use it in a solid monolithic state for staining and glazing – or for a layered technique for cases that demand ultimate esthetics or just simply for infiltration techniques. With ZirCAD we have all the options. Simply fabulous for modern dentistry!

No more are our hands tied with limited materials. Over the past 30 years I have never done two cases the same and as every tooth is different this is quite amazing! With ZirCAD Prime I really do get better results for the patient.

It offers high end strength from single units to bridges and even to full arch dentistry – as not every case you can utilise bonding protocols – full coverage is still an important part of restorative dentistry – vertical preparations have certainly become more popular and require us to finish with fine feather edge restorations, and still allowing us to apply to rules of minimally invasive protocols.

I can do that with this product! With the vertical preparation the margins are subgingival – the biocompatibility of Zirconia is huge – the gingival soft tissue loves the material!  

Never before have we had so many beautiful ceramic options available in dentistry.”

For more info on IPS e.max ZirCAD Prime click here.
For more information and Terms & Conditions on our 10 year e.max Guarantee click here.

Dr Busi Mathibela – Aesthetic and Restorative Dentist

IVOblog interviews Aesthetic and Restorative Dentist Dr Busi Mathibela on what she sees as the value of using e.max:

How long have you been using e.max and what is your opinion of it?

I’ve been using e.max for a little over 10 years. Prior to e.max I used Empress 1 and Empress 2. I was delighted when Ivoclar introduced e.max into the South African market and was one of the first to jump on the e.max bandwagon. It has been such a pleasure to use and I have not once regretted it! 

When I think about the value of e.max, what immediately comes to mind is its elegance and simplicity. Also the perfect option that it offers to my patients, of attractive aesthetics, longevity and optimal functionality.

Patients want restorations that look and feel like they belong in their mouths. They want durability and quality of life, – restorations that are going to be kind to their biology – for the long term. e.max delivers on all counts.

What do you like most – the key reasons for you choosing e.max?

E.max is designed principally with the patient in mind but also focuses on what matters most to the dentist . I want a material that is MULTIPURPOSE, EASY TO USE, allows me to be MINIMALLY INVASIVE without sacrificing on strength, and obviously one that is enduring. e.max offers just that! I also want a material where even, should things go awry, (as they can do in dentistry) – such problems are easily manageable and fixable.

Over the years I have come to appreciate that with e.max, whether I am doing a single restoration or a full mouth reconstruction – there is always PREDICTABILITY for the patient, FLEXIBILITY for the technician – it also makes the dentist look good! It has proven to be exceptionally good VALUE FOR MONEY.

It also allows my technician to be creative with the DIFFERENT TRANSLUCENCIES that allow us to manage even the most complicated restorations, due to its wide spectrum of shade offerings.

What message would you like to share with other dentists?

To me, having e.max is akin to an orchestra that produces the most beautiful music. There are a lot of players, and each come together perfectly, because the excellent material produces excellent results. It is adaptable whether one is using it via analog or digitally –and this allows a seamless transition into the future of dentistry.

When I started with e.max my cases were mostly on anterior veneers. Through these I was able to build up the confidence to take on bigger and more challenging cases and it allowed me to prepare the most complicated wear cases and achieve aesthetics still being minimally invasive. Table tops with e.max have been an absolute game changer for my tooth wear cases.

Few things are as gratifying for a Dentist as additive dentistry that does not destroy a patient’s teeth but still achieves what I refer to as “mellifluous music” at the end. The combined result of all of these measures is that e.max has been a great self-marketing tool for my practice. It enjoys a well-deserved and well-tested high trust level with my patients. I have, over the years, counted myself as privileged to have been able to observe how e.max ages. I have been extremely impressed and highly pleased with how well it has fared in my patients’ mouths. There is that saying that quality is remembered long after price is forgotten – it definitely rings true for this material.

e.max = “resilience through innovative simplicity.”

Have you registered for the e.max Guarantee yet? For more information and to register for the Guarantee click here.
Or leave your details with us on that website page, if you would like an Ivodent rep to get in touch with any queries. 

Myotape – Healthy airway development

SLEEP DENTISTRY, AIRWAY DENTISTRY and healthy airway development is something that I have been championing for many years and it was the focus of the inaugural Total Health Conferencepowered by Ivodent’.

We are excited to announce that Ivodent now stocks a product called MyoTape – a specialist tape designed to help restore full-time nasal breathing during wakefulness and sleep. Nose breathing supports functional orthodontics, improves dental health and the healthy development of the airway… while also supporting total health of the body.

MYOTAPE is made from a soft material that stretches easily. It does not cover the mouth, instead, it surrounds the mouth, gently bringing the lips together. Once in place, the tape stimulates the skin, triggering a neurological response in the muscles of the face. This ‘reminds’ you to close your mouth, and teaches the brain to switch dominance to nasal breathing when the lips are gently held together.

NASAL BREATHING filters, warms and humidifies inhaled air and increases nitric oxide in the airways. Nitric oxide is important for the proper functioning of the blood vessels in the lungs. It also has proven antiviral and antibacterial properties. A new scientific review into viral load in COVID-19 states that “sealing the mouth (during sleep) with adhesive tape reduces common colds…[and] may decrease viral load during sleep [allowing] the immune system more time to mount an effective antiviral response” (Martel et al. 2020).

Nocturnal mouth breathing contributes to snoring, sleep apnoea and poor sleep quality, and inhibits CPAP compliance. It negatively affects physical and mental wellbeing, and causes serious developmental issues in children, both physically and cognitively. The tape can be used for between 30 minutes and 2 hours during the day to develop the habit of nasal breathing in children. It can be applied during exercise to reduce exercise-induced asthma and improve oxygenation of the working muscles. And it can be worn all night long, so you wake feeling refreshed.

MyoTape is different from other lip tapes. First, it is designed by Patrick McKeown, internationally renowned breathing coach and author of The Oxygen Advantage, informed by 20 years of clinical practice. Second, it does not cover the mouth. Instead, it surrounds the mouth, gently bringing the lips together. You can still open your mouth and communicate easily.

This eliminates risk and soothes any anxiety that may accompany your first attempt at taping the mouth. Use MyoTape in conjunction with breathing exercises for best results.

CLICK HERE to watch this practical 40 minute breathing session on You Tube with internationally renowned Patrick McKeown (and inventor of MyoTape), who shares with us recovery breathing techniques from COVID to help improve respiratory health.

And CLICK HERE to watch the brilliant Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s interview with Patrick McKeown on nasal breathing as the secret to better health, fitness and overall.


  • Less mouth snoring
  • Reduce sleep apnoea and support CPAP
  • Better sleep quality, better focus, less fatigue
  • Less asthma and airway irritation
  • Improve dental health
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Boost athletic performance and stamina


  • Better sleep, less tiredness
  • Healthy teeth
  • Healthy development of the airway
  • Supports functional orthodontics
  • Improve dental health – Healthy teeth
  • Healthy development of the airway
  • Lower risk of behavioural disorders
  • Reduced risk of learning disorders
  • Better speech and listening skills

To order it at R454 excl VAT for 90 pieces or R5.04 per sticker click here.

If you do not have an account with us and wish to open one to order online, please CLICK HERE to complete this online application form and we will be in touch. Or email if you would prefer that we email you a form to complete manually.

We will be informing patients via our Ivohealth consumer social media platforms (30 000+ followers) that dental professionals may stock MyoTape, so get yours now!


Sitting healthy with Salli Saddle Chair

Healthy sitting on divided swinging saddle chairs

Everyone in the dental profession is potentially affected by sitting disorders (SD): back degeneration, chronic pain, poor posture and the ongoing problems related to this.  The divided Salli Saddle Chair now available online from Ivodent, offers the ideal solution.

Salli’s ideal ergonomics will:

  • ease shoulder pain
    The chair positions your body in the correct position, provided that the height of the chair is properly adjusted. Using a Salli Saddle Chair helps the neck and shoulder area to relax.
  • diminish the risk of joint problems
    Sitting on a saddle swing chair creates a 135-degree angle between the thighs and the upper body. This is the healthiest way to sit, improving circulation in the hip and knee joints.
  • speed up metabolism
  • help activate or rehabilitate the pelvic floor muscles in women
  • diminish the risk of erectile dysfunctions in men
    Similar problems to those experienced among male cyclists have been found among dentists using the one-part saddle chairs. On the two-part Salli it is possible to tilt the hip forward to create the healthy lower back curve, and not feel uncomfortable pressure in the genital area.
  • burn calories
    According to several studies, long-time sitting in a stable position is fattening. It is easy to move around on a Salli chair and exercise stomach and back muscles on the active seat.
  • prevent cellulite
    One reason for cellulite is poor blood circulation. On Salli the wide angles in knees and between the thighs and upper body enable good circulation of both blood and lymph in the lower limbs.

To read Salli testimonials from very satisfied colleagues click here. To order from us online, click here or send your details to email and we will contact you.

We have in stock:

Salli Chin Tilt (Black, Blue, Red); Salli Sway: (Blue, Black, Red); Salli Light Tilt: (Black) and Salli Slim Basic (Black).
Kick off a new year in health and comfort!

All the best